The Adventure Bowls Way

Clean. Pure. Simple Ingredients that pack a whole lot of flavor.

Adventure Bowls
All Signature Bowls lined up

The Adventure Bowls Way

It’s hard enough trying to find the time to eat healthy, let alone the right foods. It’s time to give people a convenient way to eat well without sacrificing the experience.

Our goal is to bring this idea to anyone who feels inspired! We want to grow and expand through other motivated entrepreneurs.

We hope to always give back. We want to impact kids everywhere by donating a portion of every bowl purchased to Big City Mountaineers.

Why are ingredients so important?

All of our ingredients are organic and fresh. No additives, so what you eat is what you get.

The possibilities are endless with the ingredients you want on your bowl. You can build over 100 different type of bowls your way if you really want.

The value of clean and healthy is what drives Adventure Bowls. We put that effort into our ingredients to ensure that every bite is as fresh as possible.

Where do I start?

We have signature bowls for you to choose from. We crafted 6 simple but delicious bowls that are good starters! Of course you are more than welcome to add whatever it is to your liking. The six bowls are listed below:

  • Be Sota' Nice
  • Keep Er Movin'
  • Shred the Slopes
  • Go Take a Hike
  • Catch a Wave
  • Cast a Line
The best in the Midwest

If these aren't mouthwatering enough, hear it from Chief Ramsey himself.

“I've never tasted a bowl so flavorful. This was absolutely delightful.”

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