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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your opening schedule?

Our first event each season is on April 1st. You can view where under our "truck finder" tab

Is your restaurant open for partnerships?

We are open for local partnerships & all franchise inquiries.

Are you planning to open more locations?

Adventure Bowls will always be food trucks, our second one is coming in June of 2023.

Do you offer beverages?

Yes! We offer bottled water!

Can I take it to go?

Yes! We offer lids and to go bags. Bowls can be frozen, taken out to thaw at room temperature for 5-7 minutes and eaten later!

Do you do neighborhood stops?

Yes! Please contact us to schedule yours!

What payment options do you accept?

Cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay only. We are a cashless food truck.

Can dogs have superfood bowls?

No, unfortunately some of our bases can be harmful to our sweet fur friends. However, Tara's dog Teddy can confirm that Adventure Bowls all-natural peanut butter is a safe and tasty treat!

Are your bases organic?

Yes and no. While they are made of organic ingredients, they are not certified organic.

Are your bowls soy free?

Some of our ingredients are soy free, including bases, but not all. Just ask about the ingredients you'd like to add at the window!

Behind the scenes